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Why On Earth Would You Like To Do Legs Behind The Head Anyway?

Actually this question is a funny one for most of the people who are not interested on doing something like that, am I right? yes! from a non yoga practitioner perspective it might look like it is… yes, let’s say it, looks painful, very advanced and purposeless unless you work for a circus. But from the practitioner point of view is the result of a very long journey, and very long in this path means many many years of conscious daily selfpractice. For a start there is no pre made recipies to achieve any Asana, since every body and mind is unique. But under the guidance of a teacher who knows the subject, cares about it and loves his/her students, you both will built up your personalized way to get anywhere possible for you. So then, let’s explore the process.

What do you need to develop for #yoganidrasana?

-Foward Bends 

First of all there is the #fowardbends, this group of postures will give you flexibility on the lower back, hip flexors and back of your legs. They can be standing postures like #padangusthasana #padahastasana #uttanasana #parsvottanasana #prasarita padottanasana or they can also be sitting postures like #paschimottanasana #kurmasana or #upavistha konasana. At the very beginning with the knees slightly bended and slowly in time with strait legs.

-Hip Openers

The hips are a big subject related to the whole practice and in most cases require loads of love and dedication since we are dealing here with a strengthless chapter of the asana practice, yes here one has to surrender focused on relaxation and let go the deep tension dwelling there, so relax and enjoy the trip.

Most of the standing postures carry rotation (opening) on the hips but it is on the sitting positions where we can get really deep and release the most, so practice #anandasana #janu sirsasana A, B & C #baddha konasana A&B #ardha padmasana and #padmasana.

To be conscious about placing the gained movement on the hips and not on knees or ankles is very important to avoid injuries, so remember to move slowly listening to your body sensations while breathing with a regular calm rhythm.

For many people the asanas mentioned above are challenging and requiere some preparation, so consult your qualified and loving yoga teacher or write us asking for more info on the subject and we’ll be happy to write a post on those preparations for you.

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Life improving effects of the BOW POSE and its family of yoga postures

The wide family of back bending yoga postures should be approached in a very progressive way, so before you engage in the practice of the most advanced ones be sure you have developed the basic set of yoga arches with the guidance of a loving, qualified and experienced yoga teacher.

This type of asana gives strength to the spine, improves the mechanics (range of movement and elasticity) of the joints, tendons and ligaments of the vertebrae keeping them young and heathy for longer. Stretching the front of the body provides a massage to the internal organs, especially if your abdomen is touching the ground as in the picture above. And if this is not enough Dhanurasana and family get to invigorate the body and the mind!  which is also a very good reason to practice them. Yes they are able to completely change your mood to a higher estate of well being in a very little time. Remember to warm up with a nice set of repetitions of your beloved style of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) as usual 🙂

Then what are you waiting for? it´s spring time!

Leave your couch behind and take your yoga mat with enthusiasm, if you get rid of the old patterns the new will have a place to settle down. 99% practice, 1% theory.

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¿Cuántas veces te ha costado explicar lo que haces en las clases de yoga?

Si practicas yoga, probablemente te habrán preguntado muchas veces lo que haces en las clases,  si hace falta se flexible para hacer posturas de yoga,  si te pasas toda la clase sentado meditando, que si son muy lentas o muy difíciles, que si son para gente mayor o solo para jóvenes o para mujeres guapas, que cuántas clases necesitas para dominar las posturas avanzadas, que si los profesores son atletas o contorsionistas, si pueden dejar de fumar o adelgazar o dormir mejor con un par de clases, que si en los ejercicios de respiración tal cosa o que si la meditación es solo para los que pueden concentrarse desde el primer día….una mezcla de mitos y fantasías difíciles de aclarar.

¿No sería fantástico poder mostrarlo en vez de explicarlo? Claro que sí! y Quedaría mucho más claro, como dicen “una imagen vale más que mil palabras” imagínate una sesión completa de 1h30 de yoga!

Nos encanta compartir, durante los viernes de Marzo todos los practicantes de Yoga de nuestra escuela podrán mostrar lo que hacemos en las clases, si podrán traer a un@ amig@ a practicar invitado por Mai completamente grátis. Aforo limitado, recuerda reserva plaza con antelación.

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English here!


¿How many times you have being asked, being hard to explain, what do you do in the yoga class?

If you are a yoga practitioner, probably you have being ask many times what you do in the yoga classes, if one needs to be flexible to do the yoga postures, if one expends the whole class sitting on meditation, if they are too slow o too difficult, or for old people o just for youngsters or pretty ladies, or how many classes are needed to achieve the advance postures, or quit smoking/loose weight/sleep better with a couple of classes, or some question about the breathing exercises, sometimes is if meditation is just for those who can sit and concentrate from the first time…a mix of myths and fantasies hard to clear out.

¿Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to show it instead of explaining it? Of course! and for sure more clear, as is said “one image is worth a thousand words” imagine a whole 1h30 session of yoga!

We love to share,every Friday in March the practitioners of our school might show what they do  in their yoga class by bringing a friend invited by Mai completely free. Space is limited so remember to book in advance.

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Mudras, Prana y Hatha Yoga

Jñana Mudra

Mudras, Prana y Hatha Yoga

Los Mudras son gestos hechos con las manos generalmente, pero también pueden realizarse con otras partes del cuerpo como los ojos, la cara o la lengua. La intención de los Mudras está relacionada con la energía y especialmente con la manera en que la energía circula por el cuerpo cuando practicamos posturas del Hatha Yoga: desde y hacia los centros energéticos principales a lo largo de la columna vertebral se extiende la red de canales invisibles por donde se mueve la energía del cuerpo cubriendo toda su extensión. Las posturas de yoga -las Asanas- movilizan, limpian, potencian  y re-dirigen esta energía, empoderando así al practicante a tener más conciencia de sí mismo y a extender esa conciencia hacia el mundo que le rodea. El Mudra completa la intención en la postura, la intención física, mental y energética. Suavemente conduce la energía creando bucles de retorno y facilitando los procesos internos de la práctica.

Entérate de más en mi Clase de Yoga! 

Clases con Mai : Lunes, Miércoles y Viernes 19:30-21h
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English here!

Mudras are gestures made mostly with the hands, but sometimes can be done with other parts of the body like the eyes, the tongue or face. The intention of Mudras is related with energy and especially with the way it moves through while practicing hatha yoga postures: from and towards the main energetic centers along the spine a vast net of invisible channels in which energy finds its ways covering the whole body extension. Asanas -hatha yoga postures- move, clean, increase and redirect this energy, empowering the practitioner to be more aware, more self-conscious and to extend this conciousness to the world around him/her. The Mudra completes the intention of the posture, the physical, mental and energetic intention. Gently redirects energy creating a return loop facilitating the practice’s  internal processes.

Learn more in my Yoga Class!

Mai’s Yoga Classes: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 19:30-21h
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Upavisthakonasana B or/o Urdhva Mukha Upavisthakonasana

 Upavisthakonasana B or/o Urdhva Mukha Upavisthakonasana

This beautiful Asana improves the sense of balance and stability in a physical, energetic and emotional way, also reinforces mental focus and the perception of the present moment. To dive in and Surrender to the practice is a great experience. Foto @FrontinoClaudia.

Español aquí:

Esta hermosa postura mejora el equilibrio y la estabilidad física, energética y emocional, así mismo refuerza la capacidad de estar enfocado y la percepción del momento presente. Sumérgirse y entrégarse a la práctica es una gran experiencia. Photo:@FrontinoClaudia.

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